Her Mindset

I think many men forget that a woman’s mindset will bring up their children.It’s their mentality that will teach them how to raise their children with the courtesy of being polite,respectful.

yes,beauty is a bonus.but external beauty fades.

it’s the mindset that’ll not only benefit them by inspiring them.keeping them on the right path and lending them an arm when they need a hand but will raise the mini them.

that’s what they forget

her mindset


external beauty will fade,internal beauty will forever remain.

choose sensibly




8 Things We All Experience During The Ever Soaring ‘Indian’ Summer!!

The Indian summer is a period of time that we both, love and hate. It’s a season of adventure and fun yet, concurrently, it’s a season that makes us sweaty and tired. So, as we all embrace this month with open arms, here are some things each and every one of us can relate to while we experience this hot but amazing season!

1.) Stepping out of your house when the sun is blazing overhead makes you feel like you’re amidst a sauna! #Ugh

The Indian summer is far hotter than the average summer in many foreign countries. Therefore, most of your weekend plans are post 4PM to avoid direct sunlight, headaches and that eaky-sweaty feeling

2.) But on the other hand, putting an outfit together is far easier and fun during the summer months! #SummerReady

The fewer clothes you have to wear, the easier the challenge of putting together a matching outfit. Bid adieu to scarves, jackets and woolies because with basics like a comfortable short sleeved T-shirt and your favourite pair of ripped  jeans or even shorts to wear  you’re good to head out in style!

3.) You know it’s true, you enter stores and cafes just to get a blast of the air conditioner! #NotGuilty

Been there haven’t you? Entered a bookstore just for the sole purpose of cooling yourself off to the lovely vent of cold breeze rather than actually wanting to buy a book. *wink*


4.) It’s that time of the month you go crazy on popsicles, ice golas and cold cold treats! #Slurp

Due to humidity levels soaring high, you find yourself devouring in to your favourite tub of scoops ice cream, drinking iced margaritas and enjoying every bite of refrigerated and cut mangoes. These cold treats surely are some of your guilty pleasures during the summer months, and

5.) No more do you have to force yourself to drink water, it happens naturally.

with the heat becoming unbearable, you might just want to survive on fluids. The best solution: drink lots and lots of water,juice and coconut water so that your system is well hyderated and you do not fall sick.

6.) You share a ‘love hate’ relationship with summer!

There may be a number of reasons why you absolutely love summer, but it’s also on days when the heat and humidity get to you that you start to think back and miss the months of November-December, the winter months. Like they say, the grass is always greener on the other side!

7.) Summer nights are longer nights, which ultimately means- more time to sleep! #Yay

While the summer heat is already a fair excuse for you to sleep just a tad bit longer, there’s also no denying that summer nights are longer than average nights, and come on, who wouldn’t use those few extra hours of sleep, after all?

8.) Last but not least; good weather and sunny days call for long drives  road trips and chilled beer #BringItOn

There’s nothing better than blissful days and beautiful blue skies! The Indian Summer, the kind of season that makes you want to get out there and soak up every moment of some fun-filled activities. Glares on, smiling faces,chilled Breezer and Beer,road trips and long drives, here we come!


Hello world, Baby steps into the blogging world!

To blog or not to blog? where do i begin?  will it be my cup of tea? urghh so many questions…

well in my understanding of the term “Blogging” is,sharing interesting parts of your soul with the world and knowing their perception about it.So i’ll be posting about things like lifestyle,food,makeup and my thoughts and i”ll make sure to  keep my readers interest on point.

Make it sparkle is all ready spread knowledge,love and positivity to  y’all. hope you guys enjoy reading my post and support !:)